Other candidate cities to host the 2020 Olympics Games

There is huge compertition for other cities to host the 2020 Olympics Games Durban is currently the sole town in South Africa which will formally bid to host to the Summer Olympic Games in 2020 when city, cape town and Port Elizabeth did not submit their application to SASCOC. On September seventh 2010, SASCOC declared that it thought of South Africa’s 2020 Olympic bid finalised with city because the host city, and currently it absolutely was up to the South African government to make sure that Durban’s Olympic bid for the 2020 Olympic Games goes ahead. this could be no downside as Jacob Zuma, the President of African country, could be a firm supporter of city because the host town and when the massive success of the 2010 tourney soccer, city tested it will host a serious international sporting event with no issues.

Durban is up against some huge competition to host the 2020 Olympic Games, however the climate of the town during June / July and also the glorious sports venues are a large advantage for Durban. the very fact that the IOC has it’s conference there in 2011 could be a vast bonus and can permit the choice manufacturers to check initial hand that city would be the proper choice because the host city of the Olympic Games in 2020.

host the 2020 Olympics Games

host the 2020 Olympics Games

The other candidate cities to host the 2020 Olympics Games .

Brisbane, Australia, Rabat, Morocco, Toronto, Canada, Guadalajara, Mexico, Saint petersburg, Russia, Madrid, Spain , Lisbon, Portugal, Istanbul, Turkey, Rome, Italy, Bucharest, Romania, Monterrey, Mexico Busan, Asian nation, Doha, Qatar , Hiroshima, Japan, Budapest, Hungary, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tokyo, Japan

Working in Durban’s favour to win the host the 2020 Olympics Games is that the IOC has expressed the need to own the games during a developing country, and also the proven fact that the Olympic Games has never been on African soil also will mean that Durban are the favorite town, as it’s solely alternative challenger are national capital in Morocco. if we have missed out on any details let us know on are host the 2020 Olympics Games comments below

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